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If you are one of those girls who has been lucky enough to figure out what you want to do with your life, early in life, I admire you.  For me, it took a while.  And this is the story of how it happened.  

I was living in Seattle and took a part time job at a small bridal salon.  Within the first couple of days something powerful came over me and unbeknownst to me the course of my life was about to change.  I had found my passion.  I had found my calling. The feeling I got when I was able to help a bride find her dress was so profound.  In a small way, I was making someone else's dream come true and I loved being a part of that.  I just want people to be happy in their lives.  And for me, it involves helping a bride walk down the aisle feeling the most beautiful she has ever felt.

From that moment on, I had a dream. I had a plan. I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life.  Now, they say, it doesn't happen overnight.  For me, it took several years to get to the point where I could open my own bridal shop back in my hometown of Kennewick.

So, here we are today.  I want to help you find your dream wedding dress and if it's not at my shop, that's okay!  To me, it's about giving you the best bridal experience I can.  It will be my pleasure and I will do whatever it takes to make your day special.

Thank You for supporting small business,

Amber Keller

Your devoted champion and advocate for every Bride's journey and choices.

Owner of Blueberry Bridal Amber Keller

About Blueberry

With 15 years of experience, Amber is a Master at her craft.

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