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~Frequently Asked Questions~
Your Wedding Dress Journey Made Simpler
at Blueberry

  • What should I expect during my appointment at Blueberry?
    ~ A warm welcome. ~ An immersive shopping experience. You'll be offered baby wipes to clean your hands and you'll be allowed to look through and touch the gowns! ***Please make sure your body is free of spray tan, perfume, cigarette smoke and body odor. We take great care of our Sample dresses in the hopes that they find the love of a bride someday.*** ~ A personal, one-on-one, private appointment. We will have the shop all to ourselves to just have fun and enjoy this day. ~ No pressure to say Yes. But when you do say Yes, we celebrate with: ~ Complimentary champagne or sparkling apple cider ~A goodie bag full of fun, pampering, and useful gifts. The goodie bag items change throughout the year. ~ Pictures and gifs with the photo booth sent directly to your phone where you can post and share or keep them for yourself to remember this day. ~ $150 off an accessory if you buy a full priced gown on your first visit. AND $50 towards alterations. ~ Wooden "Bride" hanger ~ Garment Bag for the safekeeping of your dress
  • What/whom should I bring to my appointment?
    1. An open mind 2. A budget 3. Pictures of dresses you've pinned 4. Up to 4 people that support you, who are your cheering squad and whose options you really value. Remember, the day you find the most important dress of your life is going to be a memorable day - who do you want to celebrate with? (Please remind your guests to find childcare for children under 12). 5. Panties. A strapless bra is optional as most of the dresses have built in cups. Quick change clothes. 6. Cash, check or a card. When you find 'The One' you'll need to put half down or if you're buying Off The Rack, you'll pay in full.
  • How much are the gowns?
    The gowns range between $1500 and $4000. Most fall between $1700 and $2200. Off The Rack Sample Sale gowns are deeply discounted and are never above $2000. There is a limited stock, and it is ever-changing.
  • I love a good discount, does Blueberry offer any?
    Yes! If you Say Yes to the Dress during your first visit, you get $150 towards an accessory like a veil, jewelry, a headpiece, a robe, or a customizable jacket and much, much more. This is for ordered wedding gowns, not Sample Sale gowns, which are already discounted. You also get $50 towards your alterations when you Say Yes on your first visit.
  • Can I take pictures of the dresses?
    Snap away! We allow pictures so that the bride can narrow down which dresses she loves.
  • When will my dress arrive?
    Dresses at Blueberry take between 4 and 7 months depending on the designer. Most of these can be rushed for a fee. Don't forget about our Off The Rack options which you can take home today.
  • What sizes do you carry at Blueberry?
    We realize not everyone is the same size and shape. We want every bride to be able to try on a handful of dresses and feel beautiful. Bridal sizing is different from street wear and every designer has their own sizing chart. Generally though, bridal sizing is a couple of sizes smaller than street wear. We carry bridal size 6 to 28, and can order 2 to 32 for most of our designers.
  • What about alterations?
    Most every bride will need some alterations. You will want the most important dress of your life to fit your shape perfectly. They will take in, let out, adjust strap lengths, do a hem, do a bustle and whatever tweeking needs to be done in order for the dress to fit you like a glove. We have trusted alterations specialists that we will recommend to you. Alterations are not included in the purchase of the dress.
  • Are you by appointment only?
    Yes! We do private appointments that focus only on you! The shop is open just for you and your guests!
  • What is your payment and refund policy?
    To order the dress, we require half of the total. The other half is due when the dress comes in. If you take an Off The Rack dress, payment if full is required. All sales are final with no exceptions. Please inspect your items before leaving the store.
  • Why was my card charged $175.00?
    We charge $175 for the SAY YES Bridal Appointment (Bride + 8). This 2-hour appointment is right for you if you are ready to find your dream dress and you want to bring up to 8 guests or just want a 2-hour appointment. This fee covers wear and tear on the dresses, cleaning fees, sewing fees, and covers your consultant's time. $75 of this fee applies to your dress when you say YES at your appointment. There is no refund if you cancel within 48hrs or no show.
  • Why was my card charged $60.00?
    In order to cut down on 'no show' and cancelled appointments, Blueberry has implemented a cancellation policy. If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment - or - do not show for your appointment, you will be charged with the card you entered upon scheduling the appointment. Similar to last-minute-cancelling your doctor's appointment, we could have had another bride in your spot. Thank you for understanding. We charge $60 for the Say YES Bridal Appointment (Bride + 4). This fun 1 hour appointment is right for you if you are ready to find your dream dress. This appointment extends up to another hour afterwards for measurements, celebration toasts, photobooth pictures, paperwork and payment. This fee covers wear and tear on the dresses, cleaning fees, sewing fees, and covers your consultant's time. Of course, the $60 fee is applied to your dress sale when you say YES! at your appointment.
  • Why was my card charged $45.00?
    We charge $45 for the use of our space and dresses to see what shape looks good on your figure. This is a fun half hour appointment and right for you if you're not ready to buy just yet and are just beginning your search. Once you find your shape, book the one-hour appointment and let's find the dress of your dreams with the full bridal experience!! The fee covers wear and tear on the dresses, cleaning fees, sewing fees, and covers your consultant's time.
  • I can't make it to my appointment, now what?
    You will receive an automated email after scheduling and also the day before your appointment as a reminder. If you need to cancel, you can reply to the email. If you cancel within 48 hours, your card will be charged $60.00.
  • What types of items does Blueberry carry?
    We carry bridal gowns and a variety of veils, jewelry and headpieces. Items for your bridesmaids such as silk robes or sticky boobs. And don't forget about a steamer for your dress. We carry those as well. At this time, we do not carry bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses, tuxes, MOB dresses or consignment dresses.
  • Do you offer wedding gown preservation?
    Yes! We use a 100-year-old company that will clean and preserve your dress and ship it right back to you. Ask about the discount when you say yes to the dress.
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